Vorotnikova Tatiyana

In recent years, like never before, natural wood materials have become an exceptionally valuable form of interior decoration. The authentic unparalleled beauty of timber, which was shaping for many years, inspires us as interior design professionals. Wood inside a living space determines its character and sets the mood, besides it is an eco-friendly product. The exceptional magnetism of wood becomes a perfect addition to any modern house interior. 

«Tambovsky Dom Parketa» – is a family business. At any point in time of our history people were always respectful to the forest and its gifts. The art of timber processing in this company – is a running tradition until this day. «Tambovsky Dom Parketa» deserves the trust of its customers, because it delivers high quality products, professional attitude to its projects and solves sustainability issues. 
Any product that you purchase in «Tambovsky Dom Parketa» will make you happy, and bring joy to the future generations in your family as well. 

Your home deserves the quality you can trust.