Chopova Anjelika

Wood – is one of the most common construction and decoration materials, especially in Russia, since timber is a long-lasting and eco-friendly product, and visually it is also very attractive.

Rich and diverse product line offered by «Tambovsky Dom Parketa» helps you as a designer to fulfill any wish your client might have, because wood has a long life span, a positive ecological footprint, it is functional,  it is flexible in installation and maintenance, price and what is important – gives you the ability to decorate interiors in a specific chosen style. Through many years of my personal experience it has never failed my goals: incorporating into my projects high-quality natural wood products from Tambovsky Dom Parketa, I have always managed to create beautiful exquisite interiors. And above all that wood regulates moisture exchange and creates a healthy microclimate in the room.

Wood products of «Tambovsky Dom Parketa» make it possible for the client to purchase long-lasting high quality at an affordable price, and I as a designer am confident that all my ideas will be fulfilled perfectly and I can use any element in any piece of interior to create the style I want.