Engineered floor board, PRIME 20/6

Product Features
Lamella wood of the wear layer: Oak, Ash, Maple, Thermally modified Oak, Thermally modified Ash, Thermally modified Maple
Thermal modification: 130 °С, 160 °С, 180 °С – ONLY for thermally modified lamella
Humidity: 8 ± 2 %
Board thickness: 20 mm
Lamella thickness: 6 mm (single line)
Length: 2400-1950 mm; 1950-600 mm - depends on type
Width: 135 mm, 155 mm, 175 mm, 205 mm, 235 mm, 265 mm, 295 mm
Selection: Kantri, Kantri XL, Praim, Praim XL
Geometry: tongue and groove all around, lengthwise bevel 2 mm at 45 degrees angle
Coating: no coating
Documents: Quality certificate for engineered wood board «Praim»
Width, mm:
Price, RUR per 1 m2:
4 800 RUR
*You need to choose the desired width in order to calculate the final price
**The price is for the product without final coating and self pick-up orders starting at 100 m2.