Thermally modified wood products

    One of our company specialties is timber thermal processing and manufacturing of solid wood flooring and decking boards from thermally modified Oak and Ash.

    Thermally modified Timber is produced in processing chambers at temperatures up to 200°С. Physical properties of timber change as the result of heating: the degree of humidity deformations (swelling and shrinking) goes down, life span increases, colours get darker, and thermal insulation improves.

    Thermally modified wood products would make your interior, exterior, or landscape exceptional and noble!


    Thermally modified decking boards, manufactured by the Tambovsky Dom Parketa, are distinguished by their unmatched aesthetic look and durability, as well as reasonable price, wide model range of model, and excellent quality. All of this put together makes our products so popular.

    Where are the decking boards used most of all? 

    Decoration of a terrace, pool area, garden territory, garden arbor, recreational area, curtilage, harbor, parking lots, pier, etc.

    What exactly is Thermally modified decking board?

    Heating timber at +200°C makes it change its physical and chemical properties. Timber becomes resistant to decay, mold, and water, its geometry gets significantly more stable. As a result, the life span of such wood is 25 times longer in comparison with regular wood – and the aesthetic appearance remains intact.

    Thermally modified solid wood planks – is modern décor material used in cottage houses construction. It differs from its analogues by a noble look and absence of tongue and groove fixation system. Normally solid wood planks are used for the ventilated facades, where there is gap between wood pieces.

    Areas for planks application:

    Construction of garden arbors, pavilions, exterior moldings, benches, table tops, fences, interiors and so many more ideas.

    Where can you buy our decking boards and planks?

    You can order any of our products locally in your city or from the nearest official distributor in Moscow, Saratov, Lipetsk, Tambov, Penza, Ekaterinburg, Voronezh, Kazan and other cities;

    Shipment to any place in Russia by transport company.