Parquet flooring treatment chemicals

The use of new professional parquet chemicals is crucial for quality parquetry works and to a greater extent predetermines the longevity of your parquet flooring.

Currently, the market of parquet treatment chemicals in Russia is rich with both imported products, and domestic production. All of them fall into 5 major wood treatment substances, which are essential for any kind of parquetry works:

  • Primer
  • Glue
  • Spackling paste
  • Varnish
  • Oil

Each type of substance is used on a certain stage of parquetry works and performs its own function. For example, primers improve adhesive properties of wood, glue is used for strong fixation of plywood or parquet flooring to the wooden base. Depending on the type of parquet flooring and the kind of timber, special spackling pastes can be used to hide knots and cracks. Normally, the final coating of the parquet flooring is either varnish or oil.

Every chemical product has its own properties and types. That is why we suggest you should rely on the expertise of our specialists, when choosing a certain product. Mistakes in the choice or application of chemicals for parquetry can lead to the waste of expensive materials (parquet flooring or the chemicals themselves).

In our company you get not only advice on the choice of chemical treatment agents, but you can also purchase the materials and parquetry products from the leading European brands.