Parquet flooring care and maintenance

Parquet flooring — is an eco-friendly, elite, durable and beautiful addition to any interior. But remember, a parquet wood flooring is a living thing, and it needs regular care.

Recommended use of parquet wood flooring:

  1. Sustain comfortable and healthy climate suitable for living, with relative humidity ranging from 45% to 60%, temperature from +18o C to +24o C. This kind of environment prevents wood from deformations and formation of cracks. It is preferable to use a humidifier in order to maintain suitable atmosphere: home or industrial variants – depending on the surface area and type of facility. It is recommended to control the environment with the help of measuring instruments (hygrometers). Besides that, you should use a heating system with an adjustable heat level distribution – it prevents sharp fluctuations of temperature/humidity in midseason.
  2. Use special felt pads for your furniture or put it on the rugs. If you have armchairs or chairs on rollers, those should be special rollers designed for wood flooring, otherwise move your chairs over hall runners.
  3. Do not allow intensive moisturizing of the parquet flooring surface (when you open the windows or do the cleaning with water).
  4. Do not perform on the floor any activities that might damage the wood or its surface (including works on internal house decorations, furniture assembly or installation), unless you properly cover and protect the flooring. It is not recommended to cover the wood flooring with polyethylene sheets, because it can create a local glasshouse effect.
  5. Any type of indoor house decoration works, including assembly and moving of furniture, should start at least 10 days after the wood flooring has been coated with varnish.
  6. Regular and timely cleaning and maintenance of the parquet flooring surface.

Cleaning – removal of all foreign substance (dust, dirt) from the surface to prevent negative visual and hygienic consequences.

Maintenance – coating the surface of the flooring with substances that prevent wear, create nominal level of friction, improve visual and hygienic condition of the flooring.

It is mandatory to study the user manual, before you use the cleaning and wood care chemicals!

Types of cleaning:

Current (intermediate) cleaning – cleaning with the major task of keeping the hygienic state of the parquet flooring. It can as frequent as necessary, depending on the type of room. Apart from the removal of dust, dirt and sand particles, which act as a sand paper for the flooring varnish surface, cleaning also neutralizes bacteria that can cause allergic reactions in people. Normally cleaning is done with water solution of neutral detergents.

General (base) cleaning – can be either manual or mechanic. It is required in cases, when the surface is so dirty that regular current cleaning leaves traces of dirt on the parquet flooring. Usually general cleaning is not done frequently, because it requires special cleaning products with chemically active substances. The recommended schedule for general cleaning is approximately:

  • in rooms and bedrooms with insignificant load on the flooring – once annually;
  • in rooms with average load – once in six months;
  • in restaurants, hotels, shops, etc. – once in 2-3 months.

Types of maintenance:

Primary – before you start using the parquet flooring, it is mandatory to cover its surface with a layer of a concentrated chemical. This type of parquet flooring maintenance should also be performed every time after general cleaning.

Current (intermediate) – performed whenever necessary. Quite frequently this type of maintenance replaces the intermediate cleaning. When it is done, a certain amount of maintenance chemicals is added to water, which efficiently removes dust and sand, and also creates a dirt-proof film on the surface of flooring. The recommended schedule for current maintenance is approximately:

  • in rooms with insignificant load (apartments, bedrooms) – once in 8-14 days;
  • in rooms with average load (offices, corridors) – 2 times per week;
  • in restaurants, schools, shops – depending on the level of load – daily, and the volume of chemicals added to water should be increased.

When current maintenance is performed inside the facilities that are used for some sport activities, it is advisory to use chemicals that do not increase the sliding properties of the flooring surface above nominal values.

It is important! Avoid penetration of moisture inside the wood flooring. Always squeeze the floor mop before washing or use special cleaning tools.

In case of significant damage to the parquet flooring (mechanical, chemical or any other), that requires restoration, let professionals do the job.



Varnished flooring should be cleaned with a soft cloth, soft bristle brush or vacuum cleaner with a soft bristle. Some small dirt stains or traces from shoes should be removed with a wet well-squeezed soft cloth.

It is forbidden to use steel brushes and any abrasive materials or substances.

Special chemical products should be used to clean varnished flooring:

  1. «LOBA «Cleaner» - A product for current cleaning of all types of flooring.
  2. «LOBACARE «CleanFix» - Spray cleaner for simple and fast intermediate cleaning of flooring.
  3. «LOBACARE «CareRemover» - pH-neutral universal product that can be used for general cleaning of flooring.


Maintenance of varnished flooring usually implies the use of water-based products. A floor-care product is normally applied to the floor with a special brush with a row of short densely-packed artificial hair, or with a lint-free brush. It is very important to make a smooth even layer of varnish everywhere on the surface to avoid shiny or dull spots.

Options of special floor-care products:

  1. «LOBACARE «SportCare» - Colourless floor-care product for varnished parquet flooring.
  2. «LOBACARE «Floor Care Matt» - Matt dispersed based floor-care product.
  3. «LOBACARE "LOBA FloorCare» - Semi-matt dispersed based floor-care product.


The choice of technology for cleaning and maintenance of oiled and waxed floors depends on the intensity of use and loads applied to the flooring. For small rooms with average foot traffic (a private house or an apartment) it would be enough to wipe the floors with cleaning and degreasing substances. In areas where the flooring is under significant stress loads, special protective coatings are to be used. They are applied to the floor surface with a single disc machine, equipped with a special brush (pad). Protective coatings create a microscopic vapour permeable layer on the surface of the floors, which isolates the floor from penetration of moisture and dirt, and in addition provides antistatic properties. The coating can be renewed with chemical substances, which do not require removal of previous layers (refreshing compounds). Normally maintenance products are applied on non-damaged surfaces only.


There are two types of cleaning: wet and dry. Dry mopping is always preferable in comparison with wet cleaning, because moisture is harmful to wood.

Wet cleaning of floors should be done with water-based soap solutions and only on the floors with oil treatment. Waxed floors should only be cleaned by dry mopping. Waxed floors cannot be treated with anything, but solvent-based or wax-based products. Soap-based alkaline solutions and their application on waxed floors can potentially cause changes in the colour of wood.

Soap-based solutions are recommended for preliminary cleaning of oil coatings from insignificant dirt contamination. First, the floor is wiped or vacuumed, then the can with a liquid soap-based solution is shaken and its content is diluted with water to the desired concentration. After that the floor is mopped with a well-squeezed, but moist, cloth in the direction parallel to the wood fibers (but never across the fibers!). It is important to keep the floor slightly moist, but not wet. Otherwise the wood will absorb moisture and start to deform. If necessary, the surface of the wood flooring can be polished manually with a brush or with a floor polisher. Floor cleaning with a soap-based solution is to be performed regularly, when necessary. The drying time is 30 minutes. At this moment we are offering universal water-based cleaning products, which combine both the functions of cleaning and protection. For example: LOBACARE «Set 2» - Ideal combined set for cleaning and maintenance of oiled/waxed wood floorings.

Oiled floors, cleaned with a soap-based solution can be refreshed. This is possible if the varnishing was done with a special oil designed for regular maintenance. The floor coating which endures regular high stress loads should be refreshed once in 6 months. If we are speaking about an apartment, where family members walk in slippers, but not in street shoes, then the maintenance can be performed once a year or even more seldom. It is important to read the label on the oil product, because the choice of maintenance chemicals always depends on the recommendations of the floor oil manufacturer.

When the floor is completely dry after the wet cleaning, oil for wood flooring maintenance (including toner) is applied with a linen cloth manually or by a single disc machine, equipped with a white pad. At first the polishing starts with perpendicular movement across the wood fibers, and ends moving along the fibers. Oil is distributed evenly in equal portions, the remaining oil should be removed dry from the floor surface, which is slightly polished afterwards. The drying time is 12 hours without any stress loads on the floors.


After cleaning of the wood flooring surface, it is protected with a special coating product, which is based on wax and solvents. This compound is applied to the surface with a clean cloth, creating a very thin layer. Several minutes later the floor is polished with a dry cloth or a soft brush. When the surface area of the floors is too big, it is advisory to do the polishing with a single disc machine with a white pad. After drying and hardening of the chemical compound, the wood flooring surface is covered with a strong protection layer. Products with the properties described above

  1. «LOBACARE «ParkettOil» - It is applied non-diluted on the floor surface with a cloth. The remaining substance is to be fully removed.
  2. «LOBACARE «Parkett Oil Deluxe» - A product with a high content of dry residue, designed for current maintenance of oiled wood flooring varnished without wax.  Its regular use refreshes the parquet flooring, improves wear-resistance, extends life span of the coating, creates water-resistance effect. If polished after drying, gives the wood surface a glossy look.

Depending on the chemical composition of the protective maintenance products, the wood flooring after treatment may become more or less slippery. To make the surface of oiled floors (both treated with water-based or solvent-based products) less slippery, you can use special water-based compounds with higher friction properties. These compounds are used after application of protective products, make the wood flooring glossy and do not require polishing procedure.

When the oiled or waxed floor maintenance is done right, its life span is practically limitless. The wood flooring of this kind will serve several generations of its owners.