The reason why it is better to trust professionals with the parquetry
Parquet flooring is not a cheap buy in itself. On top of that the choice of parquet flooring (its materials, colour, coating, etc.) demands extra time and effort from the client. Yet, making the effort and investment pay off and keeping the natural wood flooring as a long-lasting eye-candy for its owner is no easy task. Professional parquetry is the key.
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We will make your wood flooring look like before
Parquetry is a durable type of flooring, but in case of an accident or a natural wear with time it might need restoration. We can help you restore your parquetry technically correct and without any extra money-time investments.
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Selection of Chemicals
Use of new parquet treatment chemicals is the key to successful parquetry works. In our company we can advise you on the choice of any wood treatment chemicals, also you can purchase materials and essentials for the wood flooring works. We supply products from leading European manufacturers: Anser, Stauf, Loba
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Recommended use of parquet wood flooring
You save the original beauty of the parquet flooring and extend its longevity, if you use essential wood care products. Parquet flooring — is an eco-friendly, elite, durable and beautiful addition to any interior. But remember, a parquet wood flooring is a living thing, and it needs regular care.
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About us

Despite modern tendencies in interior design, genuine and natural materials have always been and will always be among fashion trends. With the oak parquet flooring and engineered wood that we manufacture and offer as a product, you get exquisite, eco-friendly and durable flooring – without extra expenses.

Wood floors have a number of advantages in comparison with other types of flooring. But most importantly, they are – WARM, RELIABLE AND GENUINE!

Besides, our products are essential for making stairs, window sills, jambs, archways, mouldings, interior doors of solid oak and ash timber.

Tambovsky Dom Parketa!

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